Sensory Motor Feedback Loop and the Practice of Feeling

Sensory motor feedback loop, feeling to move, somatic awareness

The sensory motor feedback loop provides us with a map with which to understand the learning process.  As movement educators, we teach others how to move in new and different ways.  We may focus on education for sport and recreation, or instruct technique to develop expression and creativity.  Movement education also serves to promote health and fitness and postural vitality.  Whatever the purpose, often times … Read more

Getting Hip with Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Getting hip with knowing how to move your body and correct anterior pelvic tilt

Anterior pelvic tilt doesn’t discriminate.  If you have a body, you are susceptible to the woes of excessive anterior pelvic tilt.  Sounds scary, doesn’t it?  Considering this movement compensation can cause hamstring strain, disc herniation, sacro-iliac joint instability, low back pain, and hip problems, it can be problematic. No one likes it when their body is in pain. However, it doesn’t have to be such … Read more

Mindfulness Practice for Life: 10-5-1 Daily

Mindfulness practice for life

Mindfulness practices support our ability to be mentally calm and emotionally steady.  With an active, open attention to the present, we create an opportunity for ourselves.  Instead of giving power to the products of our mind, we take a chance on accepting the way things are, without judgement.  This simple shift offers an experience free of clinging and resistance.  And the result?  We feel better. … Read more

Awakened Experience through Practice

practice for embodied living

A practice is a conscious and intentional action that is done to support our process of embodied living.  Embodiment is an awakened experience of integration and connectivity.  Our daily practices deliberately pattern our personal modes of operation.  We use these operations to both function in our daily lives and to uniquely express ourselves. If without practice, what then? A practice is done by choice and … Read more

A Somatic Viewpoint

A somatic viewpoint is essentially becoming aware of the inner body. A central practice in somatic work is often directed by the cue check-in, drop in, or turn the gaze inward. These directions are intended to guide the practitioner to develop sensory awareness of how the body’s processes feel from inside the body landscape. The ability to feel sensation and perceive experience from the inner … Read more

Home Fitness

Home fitness is easy to do!

Training at home is easy.  Whether you have a personal movement space, home gym, or simply an open area in your living room, you have an opportunity to “fit” home fitness into your daily life.  Integrated and functional movement training can happen right in your home with very little equipment.  Often times, going to the gym is an obstacle that keeps people from exercise and physical practice.  With a few basic principles in mind, exercising in your own home can be very successful:

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The Unspoken Trust


I am empty and full.   The space inside is warm and quiet and the breeze upon my cheekbone is your breath.   I choose this now, with you, through hard pavement and timing disconnect.   I am not presenting anything to anyone, skin, ruffle, release, engage, exhale.   I come to expand and find new ways to fit in find new shoes to put … Read more

A Dancer is a Magic Poet

A Dancer Is a poet, a poet is magic, a dancer is a magic poet who knows the words told in the wind, a dancer is a magic whose wind words tell him the Truth, even the dreams she has are true, and the dancer poet is a priest who speaks only Truth, and so the initiated dancer-poet-priest is a Dreamspeaker. ~ Anne Cameron, Dreamspeaker … Read more