Awakened Experience through Practice

A practice is a conscious and intentional action that is done to support our process of embodied living.  Embodiment is an awakened experience of integration and connectivity.  Our daily practices deliberately pattern our personal modes of operation.  We use these operations to both function in our daily lives and to uniquely express ourselves.

If without practice, what then?

A practice is done by choice and on purpose and with repetition.  A habit, in contrast, is an automatic and reactive response.  Practice has a quality that is crisp, attentive, and creative: it opens the field for change.  Therefore, implementing practice requires a commitment to artful training.

Practice is training for the soma.  Applied in both formal and informal ways, practice sharpens our awareness, opens our hearts, cultivates receptivity, and unveils our authentic being, our essential self.  By removing obstacles and shining a light on the pathway of integrity, practice is a novel tool for developing personal leadership and self-responsibility.

In taking steps to design a unique practice matrix in our own lives, we benefit from ongoing health and recovery.  We also actively participate in the principle of interdependence. Through a conscious lifestyle that exemplifies self-realization, we contribute to the evolution of the whole.

The quality of our relationships improve when we spend time each day dropping in to purposeful practice that opens our awareness and expands our understanding.  Mindful practice with an approach that is kind, relaxed, and accepting develops emotional resiliency, empathy, and spiritual endurance.

An awakened experience is one where we are fully present and alive in the moment of being.  We are receptive, open, and in flow with our surroundings.  In this experience, there is no separation, but rather differentiation within a unified whole.  Artful training, that of gently and tenderly shifting perspective from there to here, is the initiation for practice.  Practice is an opportunity for us to design where our river flows.

Practice is unique for each of us.  What practices make a difference in your life?

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