Fitness Lifestyle Coaching

Be at Home in your life. Align the pieces and Thrive.

Lifestyle is our own unique personal signature on the path.  Is your path evolving or devolving?

If you are stuck, or feeling a disconnection from the life you are in, be proactive and do something about it.  Ask for help. A new perspective, a different approach, an unraveling of the congested confusion may serve your expansion.

As a coach, I come with experience, compassion, a solutions-oriented mindset, and a belief in your ultimate potential.

Fitness Lifestyle Coaching is a personalized program designed to help you achieve change in a supported and inspiring environment.  With movement, nourishment, and mindfulness as the anchors, I guide you in a process to change your life.  Just the way you want it.

Using actionable strategies through both evidence-based practice and discovery-based approaches, Fitness Lifestyle Coaching helps to remove those roadblocks keeping you from experiencing the results you desire.

Apply an integrated lifestyle system to support the life you want to live

Fitness is an active process that maintains the vitality of the bodymind in thought, action, and spirit.  As such, fitness is supported by daily lifestyle practices including movement, mindfulness, and nourishment.  Long term health and wellness requires embodied solutions that are individualized and specific to meet your needs, preferences, and abilities.

Through specific daily practices, you create a bodymind that is responsive and resilient.  Overcome stress and fatigue while achieving performance gains that will provide freedom in all aspects of your life.

The Elements of Fitness Lifestyle Coaching

  • Lifestyle vision and goal setting process
  • Fitness and movement practice evaluation
  • Nutrition intake and food relationship discovery
  • Stress management and self-care evaluation
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Program design and follow-up
  • Exercise tutorials
  • Accountability and support

A Fitness Lifestyle Coaching program is individualized based on your needs, skills, abilities, and motivations.  I honor you as the expert in your life and serve to support your personal growth by setting goals, creating outcomes, and managing the change process with respect and care.

How you move and how you think contribute to quality of your presence and how you feel each and every day.

Fitness Lifestyle Coaching is an integrated training method to support the life you want to live. May we invite practice as a way to take care of ourselves, others, and the planet.

Fitness is a process motivated by wellness and vitality

Fitness is a process unique to each individual. Fitness is multi-dimensional and weaves together practices that support a physically resilient body, calm and steady mind, and receptive presence.


Through specific daily practices, you can have a bodymind that is adaptable with the capacity to overcome stress and fatigue. Through intelligent motion, musculo-skeletal strain is reduced and mental clarity is increased. Your needs, abilities, and preferences will determine the right elements for your fitness journey.


Integration is key in the fitness process.  As complex systems comprised of interrelated parts, it makes sense that we need a variety of interventions for optimal wellness.  Movement, nourishment, and mindfulness are keystones for integrated fitness.


Stability is a key component in the integrated fitness model.  Underlying alignment, economy of motion, musculoskeletal health, and overall centering, stabilization practices build a solid foundation for development.


Stamina comes from building a greater capacity for life’s activities.  Strength and endurance are traditional components in health and fitness programs to increase stamina.  Eating right for your person and lifestyle, taking time to recharge your batteries, seeking out joyful experiences, and building positive personal relationships are also invaluable to your energetic stamina.

There are numerable ways to get the body moving such as walking, biking, dance, martial arts, resistance training, swimming, stretching, to name a few.  Then there are the practices for recovery and nourishment.  Yoga, somatics, massage, whole food eating, and drinking clean water are some examples.  Mindfulness can be practiced specifically, such as laying in constructive rest position for 10 minutes or by taking three conscious breaths in the middle of a busy day, or can be infused throughout an activity by consciously directing attention.

The keystones of fitness work together, as woven fibers in a cloth.  The keystones remind us to move, stretch, breathe, get curious, find stillness, eat real food, rest, play, deepen, and unwind.

If our target is to achieve fitness, then we may assume there is a successful end called fit.  Certainly, in our fitness journey we will achieve specific goals and experience joyous successes.  Consequently, there will also be setbacks and detours and lessons that don’t feel so great and even discourage our motivation.  In truth, fitness is never achieved, per se, but instead, continuously negotiated.

For any intervention to really make an impact, conscious and repetitive action is required. This is called training.  Daily training includes taking care of the body and taking care of the mind.

Ready to get your fit on?  Learn about 1:1 Fitness Lifestyle Coaching.  Start today.  Start for you.