Hi, I am Kaila June.

Thank you for your interest in what I have to offer.  Simply, I am passionate about intelligent motion and using this information to help you do your work.  My own life has been a commitment to understanding the mysterious, yet essential, bodymind.

I am a bridge-maker.  

Duality seems to be a fundamental truth in our existence.  For example, the experience of grief only comes because we truly cherish what is most precious in our life.  We only know the high of success because we have had devastating failures.  Duality, therefore, really points us in the direction of unity.  And so it is with the bodymind, a duality that contains oneness.

Science and art.  

I often imagine science and art as two sides of a folded napkin, seemingly separate and independent, and yet completely inextricable.  My journey as a mover began with intensive dance training from a young age in my mother’s studio.  Training, teaching, performing, and dance-making were opportunities in my dancing youth and followed me to college where I earned a BFA in Dance and Choreography.  As a child I learned, through a back injury my mother suffered for many years, about the fragility of the human body and the extreme limitations that can befall a person when their is trauma.  When I experienced my own back injury and personal traumas in my early adulthood, my interest in embodied expression and insight expanded to include science.

Gratefully, the field of somatics.

I am fortunate to have had several key mentors and colleagues gift me their wisdom and guidance in the study of somatics.  The experiential nature of somatic patterning attracted me immediately. As a curious and highly sensitive person, the invitation to trust my body’s insights, as received from the body consciousness itself, was thrilling.  Investigating concepts of support, alignment, and organization inspired me to heal in all sorts of ways.  Soon after, I started a path that has become my life’s work: designing systems for integrated movement based on connectivity.  Somatic perspectives have not only changed my relationship to movement, but have deeply influenced how I make art, engage in performance, and the presence I bring to my life relationships.

Enter exercise science.

Motivated to keep learning, I certified as a Professional Fitness Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Kettlebell Instructor, and Precision Nutrition Coach. I currently teach in the field of personal training and dance science.  I am a grateful recipient of the National Academy of Sport’s Medicine “Pursuit of Excellence Award”.  This scholarship allowed me to earn a Master’s of Science in Rehabilitative Science.

Intelligent Motion and the Natural Body

The services I provide offer a bridge between somatic investigation and exercise science.  My interest is the intersection of movement art and movement science and how these principles support an intelligent language for guiding movement training. With a common language, one that honors the felt-sense experience and structural analysis, movement professionals strengthen the collective vision for inspiring the natural body to remain our legacy.  We access clarity of communication, expand our listening skills, and improve our coaching abilities in helping others thrive in their body container.

My experiences in teaching and 1:1 training, investment in academia, experiential study, art-making, collaborative investigation, and personal application collectively inform the work I do as as an educator, coach, and movement designer.

I look forward to building our community!  May we be free, may we continue to be home in the body.