A Bodymind Field that Recognizes the Body as a Source of Infinite Intelligence.

Somatic approaches research how we relate to ourselves and the environment from the perspective of the body itself, through an understanding of personal consciousness. Coming to know the body from the inside out, from the viewpoint of the soma, is a process about learning the nature of ourselves.  Working experientially with the interactive patterns of thought, emotion, sensation, and movement, we build a skill-set that includes resiliency, mindfulness, and understanding.


A relaxed presence.  Grounded with lightness.  Receptive and alert.  Balanced wholeness.  

Recover the felt-sense of the natural body: mentally calm, emotionally steady, and physically aligned.  Live at peace in the body-home.

A Somatic Lifestyle

curiosity. investigation. application.

Somatics is applied in many different ways in a variety of disciplines such as psychology, dance therapy, movement education, personal development, and embodiment.  With 20 years of somatic investigation, I am witness to how the somatic viewpoint has touched every area of my life.  Somatics has an expansive container: it is not about what I do, but rather about how I am.  Discovering self from the self brings the truth of interrelationship right into experience.  We are multi-dimensional beings immersed in a dynamic world of interrelating parts and pieces.

Our way of living is reflected in our habits, attitudes, world view, values, motivations, needs, and wants. Lifestyle includes the unique way we sense ourselves embedded in culture; our self-image and the way we believe we are seen by others.  Further, our mode of living is also identified with our coping mechanisms: the way in which we negotiate our physical, psychological, social, and economic environments.

The Somatic Lifestyle provides a key set of guiding elements that promote a highly conscious, deliberate, spacious, and connected experience in relating with ourselves and our world. Curiosity, investigation, and application guide the somatic journey.

CURIOSITY: How do we create a vibrant, thriving life?

What are the best practices for supporting our ongoing transformative processes?  How do we keep the body-home a safe and comfortable place so that we remain grounded in our experience?   How do we stay in touch with our essential nature and continue to make friends with ourselves and our neighbors?

INVESTIGATION: What does it mean to promote the fitness of the soma?

What elements are key in supporting the synergistic function of the bodymind?  How does this transpersonal work evolve to help us become better planetary citizens?

APPLICATION: How do we engage fully in a Somatic Lifestyle for personal and global wellness?

What problems need better solutions?  How do we apply solutions that encourage connectivity within ourselves and to the environment?  What opportunities exist for us to be in service?

Lifestyle is a template, an ongoing construction zone that helps us make sense of our place in the world.

Often, our needs, wants, and desires are left unmet due to lifestyle misalignment.  A base desire might be to have less knee pain, or to fall in love and be loved, or to have more energy throughout the day.  After evaluating the movements of thoughts, emotions, and actions in a 24 hour period, however, it may be apparent the stated desire lacks support to take root. For example, perhaps biomechanics and body alignment are disregarded, sleep no longer offers recovery, negative self-talk is rampant, key values are compromised, and stimulant and sugar overuse is in excess.

The Key Elements of a Somatic Lifestyle

Somatic lifestyle

Receptive and attentive.  Mindful.

Everything is in relationship with everything else.  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Open to the change process.  Transformation mentality.

Learning the nature of oneself promotes personal and planetary healing.

Commitment to intentional daily practices to develop mind, body, and spirit.

Join the movement revolution.  Be in your body.