Zenza Flow

Ground the Body in the Lightness of the Moment


Zenza Flow is a movement meditation designed to support the insight and intuition of the natural body.  Drop-in and connect to clarity and presence by moving from relaxation though sequential movement flow.

Get Back to the Natural Body

A relaxed presence.  Grounded with lightness.  Receptive and alert. Balanced wholeness.  

Witness the being that is you: the experience of mental calm, emotional steadiness, and physical connectivity. Zenza Flow is a unique somatic movement practice designed to awaken clarity and awareness in the body.

Benefits of Zenza Flow include enhanced relaxation, decreased musculoskeletal tension, improved self-confidence, increased mental clarity, and a sense of ease and lightness in the body.

Why Zenza Flow? To discover the body-home as a safe, supportive, and attractive place to be.

Guiding Principles

Wonderment encourages personal development through self-discovery. Experiencing oneself from the inside out opens the door for curiosity.  Zenza Flow is a practice of discovering the nature of oneself through movement.

The breath is a bridge between the inner and outer landscapes of the body.  Conscious breathing directly affects the tone of the nervous system by supporting a calm and steady baseline.  Inner spaciousness is a quality of being that gives rise to receptivity and resiliency.  Zenza Flow is a movement meditation offering the space to notice, reflect, and act in presence.

Like widespread neurological maps that support connectivity and organization in the body, movement patterns are wired developmentally.  The patterning process is progressive, each underlying the next while prompting the development of the brain.  Due to things like trauma, injury, over-use, and poor body mechanics, patterns of support can become compromised. Zenza Flow is based on somatic patterning sequences intended to encourage movement efficiency and integration.

Sequencing describes the pathways of force transmission through  the body. When forces travel from one body segment to another unobstructed and free of resistance, there is movement flow. Personal interactions with space and the environment arise from movement initiations and create opportunities for relationship.  Zenza Flow is an exploration of these intimate relationships between self and the environment.

A duality expresses opposites in a continuum: two sides of a unified thing. Dualities are a part of our everyday, like day and night or the inhale and exhale of breath.  One aspect of a duality inherently contains its opposite.  Zenza Flow aims to expand our somatic vocabulary by sensing this nature of interdependence.  Oscillating our attention between dualities, we expand our capacity for creative choice and active problem solving.

The core of the body can be described physically, as well as emotionally and psychologically.  Structurally, core stability provides a solid base for supported movement. To find center is also an exploration of personal empowerment and well-being offering a sense of security and primal organization. Zenza Flow encourages core to distal motor recruitment to support movement flow between all segments of the body.

Sensation is a central aspect of learning and establishing a feedback loop. A feedback loop provides valuable information about how we are perceiving our experience in each moment. Tracking sensation is a way to focus the experience and cultivate the skill of inner listening. From this felt-sense channel, intuition arises as a primary source of understanding.  In Zenza Flow, the mind gives witness to the body landscape bringing forth greater intelligence through this partnership of cognition and intuition.


Somatics is applied in many different ways in a variety of disciplines such as psychology, dance therapy, movement education, personal development, and embodiment.  As I have come to understand somatics in my own application through practice and teaching, I see how the investigations have touched every area of my life.

Somatics has an expansive container: it is not about what I do, but rather about how I am. Discovering the self from the inside out expands my understanding of how all things relate. We are multi-dimensional beings immersed in a dynamic world of interrelating parts and pieces.

Zenza Flow is a unique somatic practice informed by the work of movement pioneers like: Rudolph Laban, Irmgard Bartenieff, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Emily Conrad, Mabel Todd, Lulu Sweigard, and Irene Dowd.  Yoga, Pilates, Corrective Exercise, Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Anatomy Trains, Authentic Movement, and passive joint movement have each contributed to the development of this work.  Further, the fields of stress management, trauma and recovery, neuroscience, psychology, embodiment, spirituality, and planetary healing are intrinsic in the approach and heart of Zenza Flow.

Yes! I teach classes and I have some videos online.

If you are in Boise, ID then send me a message about community classes.  Otherwise, I am in project mode to bring Zenza Flow to you in an online and virtual format.  More to come on that . . . until then, you can access a few videos on my You Tube channel.