Are you passionate about movement education? Yoga, dance, martial-arts, fitness?
Looking for a method to prevent injury and increase movement efficiency in a way that works for you and your unique modality?
Teach with confidence and insight using the assessment-based program design tool merging science and art.
The Intelligent Motion Strategy - for people like us.


Movement Art + Movement Science = Intelligent Motion

Are you a yoga teacher, dance instructor, movement specialist, or fitness professional looking to expand your toolbox to help your students or clients move with greater intelligence?  Do you desire an accessible method to support the movement efficiency of the people you work with in order to prevent injury, increase capacity, and deepen connectivity?  Do your students or clients ask you questions about how to improve their practice and you feel stuck offering them embodied solutions?  Are there muscular imbalances or patterns you witness in your movers that you are unsure how to correct?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Soma Kinese is a resource for you.

Soma Kinese provides education for movement professionals to help you:

  • apply specific assessments to identify movement imbalances in your target population
  • offer specific interventions to improve alignment and movement patterns
  • understand structural kinesiology so that you can prevent injury and improve performance
  • develop corrective strategies that take into account the multi-dimensional bodymind of an individual
  • approach movement re-patterning from a somatic perspective

Are you motivated to grow?

At various times in our life, we need more.  More support, more tools, more witness.

 New ideas, a different perspective, and personalized learning help us to grow and develop.  By knowing ourselves more intimately and honing our leadership skills, our forward momentum is fueled with inspiration.

Join me in a process of opening the door for more potential.

Hi I am Kaila!  I would love to work with you.  Whether you are looking for private sessions, classes, online courses, or renewal retreats, there is opportunity.  Add me to your team and let’s grow together.