Somatics is a bodymind field that recognizes the body as a source of infinite intelligence.

Somatic approaches research how we relate to ourselves and the environment from the perspective of the body itself. Coming to know the body from the inside out, from the viewpoint of the soma, is a process about learning the nature of ourselves.  Working experientially with the interactive patterns of thought, emotion, sensation, and movement, we build a skill-set that includes resiliency, mindfulness, and understanding.


A relaxed presence.  Grounded with lightness.  Receptive and alert.  Balanced wholeness.  

These are some of the ways I use language to describe the felt-sense of the natural body.  We have each felt it. That experience of being mentally calm, emotionally steady, and physically aligned – at peace and at home in the body.

Zenza Flow is a unique movement based somatic practice designed to help you connect to your body with clarity and awareness.  Benefits of Zenza Flow include enhanced relaxation, decreased musculoskeletal tension, improved self-confidence, increased mental clarity, and a sense of ease and lightness in the body.


Somatics is applied in many different ways in a variety of disciplines such as psychology, dance therapy, movement education, personal development, and embodiment.  As I have come to understand somatics in my own application through practice and teaching, I see how the investigations have touched every area of my life.  Somatics has an expansive container: it is not about what I do, but rather about how I am.  Discovering the self from the inside out expands our understanding of how all things relate.  We are multi-dimensional beings immersed in a dynamic world of interrelating parts and pieces.

Our way of living is reflected in our habits, attitudes, world view, values, motivations, needs, and wants. Lifestyle includes the unique way we sense ourselves embedded in culture; our self-image and the way we believe we are seen by others.  Further, our mode of living is also identified with our coping mechanisms: the way in which we negotiate our physical, psychological, social, and economic environments.

The Somatic Lifestyle provides a key set of guiding elements that promote a highly conscious, deliberate, spacious, and connected experience in relating with ourselves and our world.